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Once upon a time piano owners and music lovers experienced joy in playing and listening to their pianos. Every day, family members would sit down to play, improvise, or practice—it was fun because it sounded good. One day the piano began to fall out of tune. Because of that, the piano was less enjoyable to play and listen to. Because of that, family members stopped playing and it was a struggle to get students to practice. Until finally the Nebraska Tuning Company, LLC was formed to provide the service necessary to help people make beautiful music again.

The Nebraska Tuning Company, LLC exists to help you make beautiful music. We would like you to enjoy the sound of your piano, and to be excited to play it. An out-of-tune piano is frustrating to play and is uninspiring. There is magic in a perfectly tuned instrument and it can only be there when it is tuned regularly.

For individuals and families that are learning to play the piano it is absolutely critical that you practice on an instrument that is in tune and works well. This aids in the development of the student's sense of pitch, and increases the pleasure of sitting down at the instrument to make music. Churches, schools, restaurants, and other locations that have pianos that are played regularly need to have their pianos tuned even more frequently than a piano in a home. It is disruptive, distracting, and dismaying to worship services and concerts when the piano is even slightly out of tune.

So let the Nebraska Tuning Company, LLC help you make beautiful music! We can help by coming to your home, church, school, or business at a time and date you choose to tune your piano. We are dedicated to serving you and meeting your needs. Give as a call at 402-413-5716, or send an email today.

Garrett Hope

Owner/Certified Piano Technician


What People Are Saying

"Garrett is an excellent musician and tuner. He provided me with prompt service and even offered to come back if I found anything wrong late. I highly recommend using Nebraska Tuning Company."
—Kurt Knecht

"Our piano sounds GREAT after Garret's tuning. Flexible, easy to work with scheduling and professional. Highly recommend Nebraska Tuning Company!"
-Sarah McCurley

"Very professional, flexible with schedule, and the piano sounds great. I would recommend Nebraska Tuning Company."
-Justin Gubbels

Some of Our Services

These services are available for both upright and grand pianos. All services are performed by appointment. To make an appointment call 402-413-5716 or send am email to tuner@nebraskatuningco.com.


This is the most basic, and most common, service we offer. This service brings all the strings (more than 230 of them) up to pitch based on the A440 standard. Sometimes a simultaneous pitch raise is required.

Pitch Raise

When a piano has not been tuned regularly this is necessary to make the tuning of a piano stable. To avoid this procedure be sure to have your piano tuned regularly. A pitch raise is performed during a standard tuning.

Minor Repairs

These are repairs that can be carried out on site. They include fixing sticky keys, replacing strings, repairing keys, and repairing/adjusting the action.

Our Pricing

Discounts available for teachers.

Payment is due at the time of the appointment. Cash, checks, and the major credit and debit cards are accepted.

On the rare chance a piano's condition prevents it from being tuned a minimum service call fee of $50 will be charged. However, the piano will be examined and a full report provided to the owner.

Basic Tuning


Pitch Raise



$By estimate


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Interested in having your piano serviced? We're happy to help!

Email us at tuner@nebraskatuningco.com or call us at 402-413-5716.